4/16: California Academy of Sciences

Weekend Out:

If you’re into natural history- and who isn’t?- head straight for the best science museum in town, the California Academy of Sciences. Features include a dedicated research room (!), a four story replica of a rainforest canopy with free range butterflies, and an enormous underground aquarium with cute little fishies from most parts of the globe. Music Concourse Dr.; nearest cross street outside the park: 9th.

Photo c/o their wikipedia page.

Pro tip: Golden Gate Park is just close enough to the Haight to bounce between the two for food, and there’s plenty of open seating outside the museum. Treat yourself to a crunchy picnic while the nice weather holds, and chase it with some hot jasmine tea at the Japanese Tea Garden right across the street!

Weekend In:

What moves the Academy from the best science museum in town to the best science museum ever? Livestreams. If you want to see penguin feedings without navigating a small army of strollers, they’ve got you covered. Like fish but don’t like feeling claustro in a basement? Boom. Kind of skeeved by the concept of sharks swimming underneath your walkway? Rest assured that they definitely can’t get you here.