9/3: Two Cats Comics and Batman ranting

Weekend In:

Batman: The Killing Joke is the worst movie I have seen this year. Whatever else you might do this weekend, do yourself a favor and avoid it like the plague. (Also, don’t watch Son of Batman, the second-worst movie I’ve seen this year… it’s on Netflix and looks deceptively tantalizing. I know this is the In section, but you deserve better.)

If you need a Batman fix, Amazon Prime has Batman: The Animated Series available for free streaming. Or you could groove on out to…

Weekend Out:

Two Cats Comics, in West Portal, which boasts the friendliest staff I’ve ever met in a comics store (and who appear to uniformly agree with me about The Killing Joke). Helpfully, titles are organized by hero with a separate wall for most recent copies, and there are also impressive kids’, horror, and literature adaptation sections; in short, it’s very accessible to comics noobs. The website offers a subscription list, and the store itself offers weekly Settlers of Catan nights. Go get your nerd on! West Portal and 14th.