12/7: Caffe Terzetto

NB: I’m back! Legs are still tetchy (chronic tendinitis for the win!) and I’ve gotten a new job with a weird schedule. This is my weekend, but I’m guessing not yours, so, slight formatting change. I hope you all like planning ahead!


Caffe Terzetto offers a chai blend so spicy it’s transcendent. You can taste it over the cream in the latte; you can taste it over anything you choose to eat with it. Delicious, warming on several levels, and underadvertised (med students are pretty clearly there for stronger stuff), it’s a cinnamon/clove adventure definitely worth embarking on. Gene Friend Way on the UCSF campus; nearest cross streets: 3rd and South.

C/o Yelp. Excellent vibes, right?


If you have a cinnamon stick and a bottle of maple syrup at hand, you’re set to make the best thing that’s ever happened to pancakes. Put the stick in the bottle, let it sit as long as you’d like, and enjoy the heat it lends to the sweetness. I bought a ready made infusion from World Market that’s so tasty it’s totally sold out (here’s a similar one on Amazon). It’s a spicy, tangy match made in heaven!


Where not to walk/ Hiatus announcement

Two years back, I tripped at the top of Portola and tore a tendon in my right ankle. I had two sales jobs and no insurance, so I (stupidly) stayed on it, cycling through “I feel okay” and “compression boot time” until finally entering physical therapy last year. Part of my treatment were the ugliest orthopedic shoes you’ve ever seen, which I was told to literally never take off. They match nothing I own and can take a 10 outfit right down to a 4.

My leg started being obedient enough for me to quit PT, but I kept the shoes because they really did seem to be helping. (I eventually blew out my arch completely, and the sturdiness of the shoes’ soles reshaped them.) They are starting to show their age, though, and while it hasn’t been addressed directly, I’m positive they’re losing me interviews. I hate having people make exceptions for me, even for dress code: it makes me more nervous in an atmosphere that already puts me on edge.

So I spent a decent chunk of change at the Doc Martens on Haight, positive my cute new leather shoes would help me score at an interview the next day. And I bet they would have, too… if I hadn’t slipped, stumbled into a planter, and broken my left ankle within a few steps of the company HQ. (There were tears, and mostly not from pain. Also the job looks terrible, so no loss there.)

I’m sorry, guys: one leg is totally blown out and the other operates at 75% on a good day. I am fairly immobile through early November… but you can bet that when I do get outside, I will tell you allllll about it.




9/3: Two Cats Comics and Batman ranting

Weekend In:

Batman: The Killing Joke is the worst movie I have seen this year. Whatever else you might do this weekend, do yourself a favor and avoid it like the plague. (Also, don’t watch Son of Batman, the second-worst movie I’ve seen this year… it’s on Netflix and looks deceptively tantalizing. I know this is the In section, but you deserve better.)

If you need a Batman fix, Amazon Prime has Batman: The Animated Series available for free streaming. Or you could groove on out to…

Weekend Out:

Two Cats Comics, in West Portal, which boasts the friendliest staff I’ve ever met in a comics store (and who appear to uniformly agree with me about The Killing Joke). Helpfully, titles are organized by hero with a separate wall for most recent copies, and there are also impressive kids’, horror, and literature adaptation sections; in short, it’s very accessible to comics noobs. The website offers a subscription list, and the store itself offers weekly Settlers of Catan nights. Go get your nerd on! West Portal and 14th.


…did some of you preemptively check my page this morning?

  1. I am extremely flattered. Thank you!
  2. There is a post in the works, probably for later tonight.
  3. Are any of you local?…

As I’ve mentioned, I am allergic to damn near everything. While I did go out today (bae and I both just got new jobs!), we wound up getting sushi again and I ordered the same dish I had for my birthday, but from a different location.* It is generally the only palatable egg and soy free Japanese option, and, given my other limitations, it’s one of the easiest things to order from a restaurant. Needless to say, my eating-out life is rare at worst and repetitive at best.

If you are a local blogger who can eat freely and/or wants to contribute, please contact me. I’d love a hobby-partner, if you will, and San Francisco deserves a better variety of recommendations for sure. (If you’re a nonlocal blogger who would like a nod in Weekends In, contact me too! I’d love to hear from you!)

Blushingly yours,


*Yuyu Sushi, Sloat and 36thish. I’d say Fuji (which is temporarily closed) has far above average variety; Yuyu easily has them matched in quality and service, at much better prices.

Coming Soon: Finn Town

My mother’s family, first and foremost, is Finnish.

Though not recently emigrated (their moving timeline roughly corresponds with the rise of Bolshevism) and certainly not titled (our last name translates to “Andrews”) it’s the unique identifier that my grandparents, aunts, and uncles claim most proudly. Less than .2% of Americans are Finnish, and the fraction of Californian Finns is even smaller- odds are strong that I’m related to most, if not all, of them. If I’m not mistaken, my grandfather’s line was the only one in our family not to anglicize their last name. The few, the proud.

So naturally, when I passed this doorway on my way to meet my local cousin, I smiled so hard my face hurt.


Finn Town is set to open this fall, offering creative comfort food and cocktails. According to the press surrounding it, the Castro was the Scandinavian part of town around the same time our people came over. The name is a callback, but the menu appears to be distinctly American (and that’s almost verbatim how I’d describe myself and my cousin). I was obviously sold by the name, but I’m sure apps like “sweet tea brined fried chicken” would bring in anyone.

Strangely enough, within a few days of our rendezvous, both my cousin and I were offered jobs leaps and bounds better than our current ones. We joked that Finn Town is being made just for us, San Francisco finally recognizing the awesome power of American Finns, but now I’m beginning to wonder how seriously we ought to take it… 😉

7/30: The Myriad

Weekend Out:
Indecisive but trying to be healthy? The Myriad was made for you! It’s a tiny enclave with tinier food stalls, each of which seems to be run by a single person. Flanked by two bars, it also houses a cafe, sushi, a truly fantastic vegan juice bar with pun names (my pick), a bread vending machine, and a flower stand. Embrace your inner bohemian. Market and 15th.

Said juice bar. Great vibe, right? C/o urbandaddy.

Weekend In:
Inner bohemian doesn’t feel like going out? I can definitely sympathize. Instead, please check out Imperfect Produce, an Emeryville farm box delivery service wiping out food waste one household at a time. Something like half of the vegetables grown in the US are thrown away before making it to market because they’re “too ugly” to turn a profit- people would pass them over in a store for not looking photo-perfect. Imperfect Produce collects the ugly food and markets it at a much lower rate to homes all over the bay area, preventing tons of food waste and saving you a weekly grocery step. This is also the most customizable farm-to-table box I’ve seen, no small potatoes if you’re allergic to citrus.

Happy snacking!

7/16: Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Weekend Out:

Fuji Japanese Restaurant offers the finest sushi lunch I’ve had in the city. I could write a glowing thousand word description, or I could just show you this. Happy birthday, me!

Several kinds of clams, whitefish, roe, tuna, octopus…

As with any other restaurant, dinner is a rush- ingredients disappear and customers turn up in numbers large enough to stress out the staff and other patrons. Fuji’s best variety and calmest atmosphere occurs before 5 PM. Definitely go, and for your own sake go early. 14th and West Portal.

Weekend In:

The second finest sushi lunch I’ve had in the city can be found at Sushi Shoh. It’s close to Fuji- if you don’t mind hills, you can walk it- but it delivers far and wide, even to our almost-Daly-City apartment complex. Unmissable: negihama rolls, an underappreciated specialty.

Happy eating!