…did some of you preemptively check my page this morning?

  1. I am extremely flattered. Thank you!
  2. There is a post in the works, probably for later tonight.
  3. Are any of you local?…

As I’ve mentioned, I am allergic to damn near everything. While I did go out today (bae and I both just got new jobs!), we wound up getting sushi again and I ordered the same dish I had for my birthday, but from a different location.* It is generally the only palatable egg and soy free Japanese option, and, given my other limitations, it’s one of the easiest things to order from a restaurant. Needless to say, my eating-out life is rare at worst and repetitive at best.

If you are a local blogger who can eat freely and/or wants to contribute, please contact me. I’d love a hobby-partner, if you will, and San Francisco deserves a better variety of recommendations for sure. (If you’re a nonlocal blogger who would like a nod in Weekends In, contact me too! I’d love to hear from you!)

Blushingly yours,


*Yuyu Sushi, Sloat and 36thish. I’d say Fuji (which is temporarily closed) has far above average variety; Yuyu easily has them matched in quality and service, at much better prices.


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