4/9: Butter

Weekend Out:

Go to Butter and drink like you’re 16 again!

No, really… that’s their aesthetic. Butter offers a variety of saucily named drinks consisting of hard liquor mixed with things you could pick up at Walgreens, generously offered free popcorn and jello shots, and two food menus: Microwave and Deep Fried. Ambiance includes the back end of an RV as decor, a live DJ (mostly mixing 80s standards while I was there), and two separate projections of extreme sports wipeouts. Sunday night karaoke is always on the calendar! Small cover charge; 11th between Folsom and Harrison.


Photo c/o my best friend.

Weekend In:

For better or for worse, Butter is extremely open about their choice of ingredients; you can replicate the look and feel at home very easily. Simply throw out some luau lights, turn up the Oak Ridge Boys really loud, and buy drink ingredients that will make your paleo friends cringe! Or check out some slightly more dignified, probably better-for-you locally made booze: I can’t recommend Sonoma Hatchet highly enough.



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