3/26: Aardvark Books

Weekend Out:

Aardvark Books was recently voted the best used bookstore within city limits by SF Weekly. The employees are accessible to the point that they’re generally willing to jive about your favorite author, and, though limited in space, it offers an extensive amount of genres. Buyback is a lucrative option to feed your addiction collection. Icing on the cake: Aardvark houses a sweet little ginger cat named Owen, who will occasionally throw himself at your feet and look at you expectantly. At Church and 15th.

Photo c/o boyfriend.

Pro tip: Aardvark is about seven blocks west of Dolores Park- and Bi Rite. If you go, you’ll be in line for quite a while: why not read through it?

Weekend In:

City Lights Book Store, not surprisingly, has excerpts from several recent releases available in PDF format- generally just enough to get you hooked. While the store proper is renowned for a wide variety of lesser known work and, by extension, its heavy influence on the Beats, City Lights’ site maintains its high standards by offering diverse authors writing on diversity. It’s definitely a can’t miss.